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IMPRO TECHNOLOGIES & SOURCING is a leading sourcing company based on products & service oriented. Where we introduce new technological products to the dealer, re seller and also to the end user. We have established our company at small level since 2011 and have better experience in all major fields of business.

We are proud to say we made many entrepreneurs in the recent years.

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Our Focus Areas

Operations Productivity Improvement


Organisation Growth & Transformation

Our Services


We have an efficient team of designers and developers who operate under the guidance of our Chairman.Our team is highly innovative and keeps track of the latest trends in interiors & lifestyle.

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Improtech technologies is a leading car accessories dealer, dishing out constantly the most up-to-date car accessories to meet up the changing needs of a wide range of customer base.

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With a laudable position in the industry today, Improtech is working towards its dream

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We are technology-oriented company who focus on R&D and High tech Industrial Applications. We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of highly precise time stamping technologies, solutions for industrial instrumentations.

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We are importer and manufacture of printer parts, laser printer toner cartridge chips, toner cartridge,opc drum toner cartridge chip,upper roller , lower sleeve roller logic board printer gears toner drive gear etc.

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Improtec is a proven market leader in the supply of excellent IT Products in India. Ever since its inception in the year 1994, we have steadily risen up the ladder in this industry and are one of the Leading resellers in South India.

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  • Jay

    It was truly a pleasure to work with you guys. Everyone I dealt with at Improtech was very professional. Improtech team was very receptive and accommodating in making changes to meet our needs. I was incredibly impressed with the quick response time and accuracy.

  • Indhu

    You and your team have done an EXCELLENT job! This site definitely is what I was looking for – cutting edge and freaking cool!!!!…AGAIN – Great job!!!!